Our Vision is a Center for the Arts in Palm Coast.

Imagine the possibilities

The Goal . . .

• Design, build, and support a Palm Coast Center for the Arts.
• Establish the Palm Coast/Flagler area as a world class forum for the performing, visual, literary and graphic Arts.

The Mission . . .

To nurture and spotlight the Arts, support our economy, and enhance ourquality of life by providing vision, venues and facilitation.

There are many different ways to contribute in making this VISION a reality.

Join the team of Ambassadors/Volunteers and enrich your life in becoming a part of our growing community.
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Executive Committee
Sam Perkovich, President
AJ Barr, Treasurer
Andy Barr
AJ Barr
Lindsey Florence
Joe Ganci
Awilda Hamilton
Dr. Leila Hardison
Joan Mangano
Eric Vardakis
Darin Dahl
James Harter
David Brunk
Howard Holley
Linda Hellings
Nancy Crouch, Executive Director
Terry Dougherty, Office Manager

    Imagine driving down the deserted streets of Palm Coast’s Town Center only a few short years ago with nothing in sight, but manicured sidewalks and acres of empty land. With the rise of the local economy that vision has started to permanently change. Town Center will now be the home of Palm Coast’s first Center for the Arts facility. The Palm CoastMayor Jon Netts, Arts Foundation, and the city of Palm Coast held a ground breaking ceremony on Thursday, Feb. 11, on the site of the soon-to-be outdoor performance venue. The center will be built on a 14-acre plot of land, situated on the corner of Central Ave. and Town Center Blvd. “Every bit of the 14-acres will be needed,” said PCAF President Sam Perkovich at the ground breaking ceremony. “Besides the buildings, we are going to need every extra bit of land for parking. For the first phase we are going to start with clearing, filling and landscaping this site.”

     The extensive project will be completed in five phases, and over a course of a few years. The PCAF is offering the community custom engraved stepping stones, which will be placed as a walkway at the outdoor venue, to raise funds for the project.The completed outdoor venue will include a permanent stage with a pavilion, bathrooms and a grass lawn that accommodates up to 4,000 people standing, or 1,000 seated. According to PCAF Trustee Joseph Ganci, the building of the outdoor venue, the Performing Arts Theatre and Events Center will employ 800 construction workers. Once all phases are completed, the Center for the Arts will implement 200 full-time positions into Flagler County. 

    "The city of Palm Coast and the Arts Foundation stand together as strong advocates to encouraging the vitality and cultural acts of arts within our community,” said Mayor Jon Netts. “Together we want to make Palm Coast a genuine destination for more people to come here for our cultural contributions and then to stay here to learn more about what we have to offer as a city. We are building a new connection between music and Palm Coast. When artists perform at this spot in Town Center the beauty of live music will engage and inspire us to come together.”


Named Arts and Culture Pavilion

- Outdoor events space (32,000 sq/ft)
- Phase I includes initial landscaping, fill, grading, sod and  Pavilion stage foundation
- Capacity for 2,000 banquet and 4,500 casual assembly

2015 Funding

- Secured through State Grant ($150,000)

PHASE II - Currently

Pavilion Enhancements

- Addition of Arts and Cultural Pavilion roof, common back wall to be shared with Events Center; sound system,    landscaping and & fountains.
- $100,000 Approved for Pavilion - pending completion  


Named Events Center

- Indoor events space (19,000 sq/ft) includes performing stage and sound system
- Catering kitchen
- Capacity for 1,200 banquet and 2,500 assembly


Center for the Arts

-  Performing Arts theatre with 3 auditoria, 2,200 total seating capacity.
- Orchestra, dressing rooms, rehearsal space
- Art galleries, studios, classrooms, and offices
- VIP Lounges, terrace lounges



• Phased approach - “pay as you go”
• Pavilion addresses short term large gathering needs 2,000 - 4,500
• Outdoor space for Phase I is easily organized
  Easy to bring in tents, tables, chairs, etc.
• Event Center meets regional assembly and conference needs through flat floor    catering capabilities 1,200 – 2,500
• Plenty of parking
• Can be integrated with Central Park events